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Hitay Solutions is initiative by professionals who are associated with Apple technology 8+ years. We can say it was a era when people were looking for solutions to there existing IT set up and very keen about Apple technology as it was just new to them. everything were tested what they use , confirmed advantages . so it was actually a solution to their existing IT hurdle.

But in today's competitive market it seems to be missing as "Best price" has become a tag line for most of customers.. So we want to start from niche market where customers want genuine solution and peace of mind once purchase is done as we will become a strong support system for them. in short we want to bridge the gap between Why and How .

We believe and experienced" Customer can trust and have long term association if solution is in the place of Boxes"

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    Gurudatta Sahavas,
    Mehunpura, Shanivar Peth,

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